Delivering on Visible Learning at Bader… : 2015-04-21

We are on our way with use of the Deliverology model…

Step 1 saw us define our aspirations. We wanted the wording of them to be accessible to all school community members + tied into Visible Learning.

Our school community aspirations are:


We decided that our aspirations should be stated in the most positive terms, reflecting a position where all school community members ‘are’, as opposed to ‘becoming’ or ‘developing’ or ‘working towards’; an aspirational state.

We have laid the foundations for and assigned school leaders responsibility for the building of our Delivery Units:

  • Learner Dispositions
  • Teacher Mindframes
  • Assessment & Feedback
  • Digital Learning
  • Collaborators & Communicators
  • Growth Mindset
  • Learning Environment

Our Visible Learning journey continues, as does our work with and through the Deliverology process…

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  1. Stephen Brown (Parent Governor) says:

    The ‘visible learning’ display looks fantastic as you enter school. It really underpins and highlights the key principles of the school.

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