Collaboration and Reciprocity in a Y4 Maths Classroom : 2015-09-24

All of our Bader learners have been exercising their learning muscles, encouraged to develop their learning dispositions, as they work towards becoming self-regulating learners and, ultimately, become their own teachers. Lexie, Saul, Georgia and Harry (4 of our Y4 pupils) explain here how things are going for them, through their ingenious use of an iPad App that they identified as being particularly useful during a Maths lesson this morning.

5 Responses to “Collaboration and Reciprocity in a Y4 Maths Classroom”

  1. harrys mum says:

    fantastic work you four.very proud.i couldn’t of done that or even said them big words so well done and keep up the good work..

  2. harry says:

    it was scary talking in front of the ipad.knowing people were going to be watching it afterwards.

  3. Georgia's mum says:

    Brilliant work, so proud

  4. Matthew says:

    Good work Lexie, harry, Georgia, Saul

  5. Stephen Brown (Parent Governor) says:

    The children here are amazing! They speak so articulately about the ways they learn at Bader. The brain powers of resilience, resiproscity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness are embedded across school. I know this because my daughter in Year 3 has explained to me how they effect her learning every day at school.
    Looking forward to seeing more posts about learning dispositions !


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