Feedback from parents and carers : 2015-11-27

In looking to capture deep and meaningful data around pupil, parent and carer, and teacher voice we are using the full suite of truly excellent Quaglia School Voice surveys, accessed through Corwin in the US.

The Parent Voice Survey assesses parents’ perceptions of their child and his or her experience in the school environment by asking questions based on each of the 8 Conditions. By asking parents how they perceive the culture of their child’s school, Parent Voice provides educators with a powerful tool for understanding both what motivates and inspires students to achieve and how well parents believe their school is meeting those objectives.

The 8 conditions are framed around three Guiding Principles: Self-Worth, Engagement, and Purpose.
The 8 Conditions are: 1. Belonging, 2. Heroes, 3. Sense of Accomplishment, 4. Fun and Excitement, 5. Curiosity & Creativity, 6. Spirit of Adventure, 7. Leadership & Responsibility, and 8. Confidence to Take Action.

We opened up access to the survey, for all parents, last Friday evening. By the close of the weekend 104 respondents had completed the 64 question survey.

Some of the headlines (the figure given is the percentage of respondents agreeing with the statement):

I feel welcome in my child’s school (92.3%)
I am proud of my child’s school (89.3%)
I feel comfortable going to teacher-parent/guardian meetings (89.2%)
My input and opinions are valued at my child’s school (84.2%)
My child has a teacher who is a positive role model (91.3%)
If my child has a problem, there is a teacher he/she can talk to (86.3%)
If I have a problem with my child’s school, someone at school is available to help me (90.2%)
Teachers let me know what my child does well in school (81.4%)
My child is encouraged to practice good citizenship at school (90.4%)
My child gives up when schoolwork is difficult (16.5%)
My child enjoys being at school (91.3%)
Teachers at my child’s school make it exciting to learn (99.2%)
My child is bored in school (3.9%)
My child enjoys learning new things (100%)
Events/meetings for parents/guardians are worth attending (94%)
School inspires my child to learn (92.2%)
Teachers help my child learn from mistakes (88.3%)
My child wants to do his/her best at school (96.1%)
My child likes challenging tasks (86.3%)
School is preparing my child well for the future (93.2%)

Margin for improvement, certainly, and we will be discussing how we might do just that, improve. At Bader, we are all about getting better at getting better. The Quaglia School Voice suite of surveys is just one pool of data that we work with as we seek to reliably and validly measure the impact we are having by the work we do. And, as Michael Fullan says, Learning is the work.

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