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Visible Writing Process at Bader : 2015-03-12

I wish I had been taught how to write like this at school. Indeed, I wish my children had been! Am I allowed to say that?!





The Learning Pit: as defined by our Y6 learners : 2015-02-27

Inspired by Miss Dolan’s post to her fantastic Visible Learning blog (  and Kate and Sophie’s wonderful piece on the Learning Pit concept, some of our Year 6 learners came up with their own, shared definition.

The Learning Pit

The learning pit is a deep, deep hole with quick sand at the bottom. It grabs you and pulls you down. This is what it feels like when you are really, really stuck with your work (challenged). When we feel like this, we use different strategies like: 3B4ME (Working Wall, look in your books, and ask your partner). If this doesn’t work, we pair up with someone else or think of a new strategy (something you haven’t used before). This is like being in the pit and getting suffocated with mud (tipped in by a digger) and then gradually digging your way out. Every new idea helps you slowly climb up the steps. ‘Yet’ bounces off the walls! You need to use your bouncability powers. Once you get out of the pit, you need to face new challenges but you will be prepared.


Our next step is to focus on Learner Qualities. We are looking to develop our (all Bader community learners) awareness of ‘good’ learner qualities, define them and understand when and how we are using them to good effect.

Our students are engaged and active participants in the learning process : 2015-02-26

It takes inspired and passionate teachers to facilitate and resource such wonderful learning opportunities. We have a team of such teachers here at Bader, learning and developing together with our amazing children. Here, our Y6 learners are exploring and extending their use of sentence openers and connectives. Actively so!





I can read, I can write, I can write for an audience and I can read my work for that audience… : 2015-02-15

I can read, I can write, I can write for an audience and I can read my work for that audience…

Ebony (Y4) and stretching teachers’ brains! : 2015-02-08

Ebony (Y4) included an interesting and most insightful line in her independent pre-write task last week: ‘The children stretch the teachers’ brains all the time, but when the children work hard the teachers sometimes struggle’. Children stretching teachers’ brains? Now there is a place we want to be!


Inspired and passionate learners at Bader : 2015-02-06

Our learners are on fire! So many of our amazing learners are setting their own homework challenges and proudly coming in the following day to discuss their learning and seek feedback…



Climbing the Bader Writing Mountain : 2015-02-02

With the path of ascent visible, our Y5 Bader Writers are up for the challenge! All the while, Bader staff demonstrate their embracing of and engagement with VISIBLE LEARNING in the classroom…. For a head teacher, walking through school has become a journey that is regularly punctuated by special moments, halted by the latest addition to a learning environment that seeks to make the learning journey visible and comprehendible to all of our learners.





Brain Stretching Targets : 2015-01-30

The Bader Learning Community is fully embracing the concept of Visible Learning. Our learners are getting better at self-assessing, accepting and thinking on feedback, and then identifying targets to meet next steps. With the help of our colleagues at the wonderful Stonefields School in New Zealand, in process design and implementation,  we are now looking at identifying Learner Qualities and how we can agree and define those qualities and assimilate them in a way that ensures we design learning at Bader that truly impacts on our pupils and their ability to be outstanding learners.





Growing and Blooming in Nursery : 2015-01-29




Developing a Growth Mindset : 2015-01-29

Let’s just say that this young man (Joel) was one of our more reluctant writers… Not anymore…

Joel is truly developing a GROWTH MINDSET… a great example to his peers…